Creating Garden Zones


The owners of this suburban property in Heathmont, Victoria, wanted to improve the look and feel of their ‘L Shaped’ rear yard. 


Using a variety of plantings and features, three themes were created: A Japanese/Zen type theme, An English theme, and An Australian native theme with some edibles.

Making the most of the outside area, a deck was added along with Himalayan Birches and a Japanese Maple in the back corner of the property to start off our Japanese feel. Next a row of Camellia’s with a mix of Gardenia’s help make up the English theme, and A raised rockery along the back fence with a swale along the side fence meeting in the corner made up the Australian Native planting. In front of this the garden has been complimented with half-wine Barrels of fruit trees as the Edibles along with Creeping White Thyme as a Herb groundcover.

“Willing to make the extra effort which makes all the difference”

“How surprising these days to find a contractor who does exactly what he says, when he says and for the original estimated cost – but Gary Winter managed to do all of these!

From project concept to execution, Gary and his team were totally professional and proficient, responsive to the client and always willing to make the extra effort which makes all the difference. I recommend him without hesitation.”

David Frazer