Knock Down Rebuild


This standard house block in Mount Waverley became a vacant site and the existing residence was knocked down and the site completely cleared.


There were many challenges to this site regarding heights, falls, and finished levels, and Gary Winter had to work closely with the Architect for the home to establish finished levels of the home and landscape that were going to provide an easy transition from one to another.

Gary created a ‘Tiered’ effect with retaining walls, a feature using a timber pergola, and screening to disguise a garden shed. Bluestone paving was used for the entertainment area and staircase leading up to the garden shed. The plantings were mostly exotic plants with climbers/creepers to eventually hide the retaining walls, Tall deciduous shrubs to provide a WOW factor and lots of color in the smaller plants.

“The collaborative effort yielded a more impactful design”

“I worked with Gary on the design and construction of the landscaping package at my home. Having Gary on board during from the early stages of the home’s Architectural design program proved to be immensely valuable. The collaborative effort between Gary and the architect yielded a more considered and impactful design- both in the home and its landscaping.

Charley Li