Upcycled Natural Beauty


Sometimes you have the opportunity to work on a project that really excites you creatively, and this particular project was a marvellous opportunity to design the type of landscape that I personally enjoy. 


I was approached by a client who had recently relocated to Woodend, and was looking for someone to landscape the gardens surrounding their home on their five-acre property. With an open brief (a rarity, but a wonderful opportunity) I set about creating an environment which would draw on the natural beauty of the location.

Clearly it was a country environment, so I put in a kitchen garden behind the house using the already built sleeper walls and paved area. With the remaining area a blank canvas, I installed a fully functional creek bed and pond, raised garden beds and meandering paths with a dry creek bed on the other side of the drive to complement the creek and direct water to the paddocks. 

“You envisioned a concept and our garden has blossomed”

“I have waited over a year to write to you and to thank you for the amazing transformation you and your team have done to our garden. You envisioned a concept and true to your expertise, our garden has blossomed as you foresaw.